AL Hudu Real Estate LLC offers integrated services for property management in Oman . The company supervises property in terms of operation, maintenance and collection of rents, along with the management and renewal of contracts. AL Hudu real estate works to preserve the privacy of customers and deal with them with high transparency. our property management services include:

  • Supervising, operating and maintaining Property
  • Collecting rents and managing and renewing contracts
  • Clear the legal procedures and follow up their implementation
  • Property owners services
  • Tenants Services and marketing services
Property Management in Oman

Property Management in Oman

AL Hudu Real Estate LLC is affiliated with an excellent grade construction company, which gives it the priory when it comes investments in real estate from panning, design, construction, management, and maintenance. A full package that better fits new investors.

Property Supervision, Operations, and Maintenance

Property supervision, proper operation, periodic inspections, and making required repairs are among the main tasks we provide in Property management in Oman. Your property is safe under the hands of our maintenance team, who will keep it clean and tidy. It is our standard to respond quickly and deliver quality work .

Legal & Follow Up

We clear all legal procedures related to the property and the tenants. Stay in the safe side, we manage property well. Our familiarity with legal matters related to real estate and our cooperation with legal offices  makes you always protected.

Rent Collection and Contract Management & Renewal

Collection of rents in a professional manner guaranteeing the speed of clearance and satisfaction of all parties. Our efficient and flexible management of contracts and renewals ensures clear and smooth operations.

Property Owners Services

Our commitment to absolute transparency and the preservation of privacy is our most important asset. We provide periodic reports to property owners about their property’s financial and operational status and make sure not to hide any remarks. We keep a productive relationship with the owners by professionally managing their property and providing them expert consultations. This helps our client focus on developing and growing their real estate investment.

Tenant & Marketing Services

What makes AL Hudu Real Estate different is having a professional maintenance team supported by modern technology. Our tenants can send us repair requests, complains, and suggestions in a very easy way. We utilize or mobile-friendly website to make it easy for tenants to send their inquiries. Our success in property management is mainly because we are well connected to tenants and property owners and also because we keep the process of dealing with inquires fast and professional.

We help property owners set rent price in a way that maximizes their return on investment. And by utilizing best offline & online marketing techniques and practices, we are able to quickly sell / lease property in hand and with best deals. Despite of that, our leasing process always includes tenant evaluation to ensure their compliance with the terms and procedures of leasing. This process makes us avoid most of the future problems others are facing. Go only with the best, go with the best company in property management in Oman.

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